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    Tunnel light project in HuYu expressway

    Project overview:

    鄂西高速-1.jpgOn Jan. 16, 2017, the Shanghai-Chongqing high speed tunnel EMC lighting retrofit project with the biggest proportion in the industry integrated & implemented by CECEP Lattice Lighting passed acceptance check with high standard & was launched for operation. 

    The biggest EMC lighting project in highway system in China; it has transformed 42 tunnels with construction spanning from Changyang section to Lichuan section in Yichang, totally more than 300km. The project is wide in range, huge in quantities, complex in geology and difficult in construction. The transformation adopted EMC mode; we used nearly 45000 TE series tunnel lights together with intelligent circuit control technology. After transformation, it was tested that lighting quality in tunnels had been higher than design requirements. Total power saving rate of the project reached up to 73.78%. It passed the acceptance with high standard by the end of 2016. 

    Involved products: TE series tunnel light