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    CLES full smart street light creating new neural system of a city

    The nowadays world is changing quickly, thus lighting products shall keep pace with the times. The whole series of lighting products of CECEP Lattice Lighting keep on optimum adjustment & innovation; strive to help you deal with new challenges & new demands, so as to convoy the building of livable city & smart city continuously.

    Featured technologies

  • Uniform Web management platform

    Establish uniform Web management platform to show operation status, remote control, alarm information, intelligent maintenance & other functions of all smart street light equipment inte-grally.

  • Three systems to build a street light ...

    The three systems are light control system which controls street lights intensively to improve en-ergy efficiency; energy consumption monitoring system which can grasp energy utilization situa-tion clearly, thus can adjust management policy timely; property management system which can quickly locate failure, automate work order, optimize ...

  • From hardware intension to data ...

    Integrate resources by the thought of intension to build cloud platform for data in the Internet of Things for smart street light, so as to collect & communicate more application data, build a ecology which is able to breed thousands of applications, thus to help the building of smart city.

  • Fulfill fully digital innovation, serve the public better.


    Only with CECEP Lattice full smart street light that you can......

  • Fulfill energy conservation target ...

    The innovative platform technology & system of CECEP Lattice Lighting will consider to im-prove energy efficiency & persistence with priority, reduce factors such as operation cost, thus to change your target into efficient lighting application.

  • Significant reduction in ...

    Natural resources, excellent carrier. Hot spots cover, traffic induction, manhole monitoring, smart parking, safety monitoring, free charging, releasing more than 60 % of power resources & activating urban inspiration.

  • Support for Smart Cities

    Crystal & lighting gather many resources & information, support the construction of more feasible & long-term smart cities, build a highly shared & high-value street light network system & work together to build a large platform for smart cities.

  • case

  • smart lighting in Honggutan,Nanchang

  • PPP smart lighting in Chaling, Hunan

  • Smart lighting in Aixi Lake, Nanchang

  • Feng Xian public lighting system construction

  • PPP Chongzhou