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    New generation LED high bay light product keeping pace with the times

    The nowadays world is changing quickly, thus lighting products shall keep pace with the times. The whole series of lighting products of CECEP Lattice Lighting keep on optimum adjustment and innovation; strive to help you deal with new challenges and new demands, so as to convoy the building of livable city and smart city continuously.

    Featured technologies

  • Original module changeable pattern

    Street light standard modularization is firstly initiated in China with mature technology, flexible design. It is able to handle with street light upgrading & reduce investment significantly.

  • Asymmetric bat wing dual degree light ...

    National patent for invention: allow illumination to be more focused on lighting pavement with entire light output efficiency reaching up to 93.6%, uniformity ratio of illuminance & brightness reaching the maximum. Meanwhile, higher energy conservation benefit can be acquired.

  • Perforated heat dissipation structure ...

    Unique structural design for heat dissipation of lamp housing, enlarging heat dissipation area.

  • Rationally take use of natural light to fulfill optimum energy efficiency & extend service life of lamps to the maximum.

    Check solutions for Industrial lighting

    Only with CECEP Lattice Industrial lighting products that you can......

  • Fulfill energy conservation target ...

    The innovative platform technology & system of CECEP Lattice Lighting will consider to im-prove energy efficiency & persistence with priority, reduce factors such as operation cost, thus to change your target into efficient lighting application.

  • Optimize your lighting system

    Take use of the first CLES system solution facing outdoor lighting in the industry to fulfill the flexibility of lighting system, so as to fulfill any application, any platform & any connection.

  • Quick control

    Provide you with desired lighting & control experiences with our solutions in simulation & digital control fields. CECEP Lattice Lighting can offer you all products from small keyboard, touch screen & sensor to advanced control system which can control tens of thousands of light points independently. We are striving for complete & seamless ...

  • case

  • Upgrading lighting project in Fangda Special Steel

  • Upgrading lighting project in Shenyang

  • Lighting project in Toll station.

  • Hubei Daily Media Group