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    With CECEP Lattice lighting intelligent lighting solutions, you can......

  • Fulfill remote single light ...

    Fulfill single light switching, remote control on light adjustment & remote monitoring on smart lighting street light network by ZIGBEE wireless communication & PLC wired communication methods; when there is any damage, leakage & lighting off situation on lamps, the system will alarm actively; safety monitoring equipment transfers lamp information to the monitoring center, in which the alarm status will be formed to allow workers in monitoring center being able to know cause & location of the fault at the first time, thus to carry out maintenance timely.

  • Apply secondary energy ...

    CECEP Lattice Lighting intelligent control system solution adopts power line communication technology to fulfill functions such as energy conservation, environmental protection, multi-function, high reliable & intellectualized management. By upgrading existing system directly to intelligent street light control system, remote control on light adjusting & timing switching function can be fulfilled, so that secondary retrofit is avoided, thus secondary energy conservation is fulfilled easily to improve service life of lamps & the entire image of the city.

  • Adjust luminance & switches timely ...

    Make lighting strategy based on statistics, analysis & management on data series covering lamp switch condition, historical lighting rate, historical lighting duration, power consumption & so on; adjust luminance & switches on & off timely according to change of ambient illumination & climate.

  • Supporting smart city construction

    Smart city relies on intelligent lighting system; meanwhile, besides the development of intelligent lighting technology, it also requires correct guidance & good visions. CECEP Lattice Lighting gathers numerous resources & information, supports more feasible & longer range smart city construction, & ready to provide assistance.

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