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    With CECEP Lattice tunnel lighting solutions, you can......

  • Fulfill long term safety

    Good light distribution & uniformity are key for road safety lighting; comprehensive & systematic solution as well as stable & reliable LED lamps can offer more safety & comforts for urban citizens.

  • Beyond expectations of energy ...

    As the participator & main applicator of silicon substrate LED technology research - the first prize of national technical inventions in 2015, CECEP Lattice Lighting fulfills real time monitoring & adjust the light as required & analyze system big data based on the high starting point of energy conservation as well as stable & reliable LED lamp quality,making its energy conservation efficiency exceeding expectations.

  • Significantly reduce initial cost ...

    By efficient LED chips & unique optical design, at the premise of satisfying road lighting, it enlarges installation distance, thus significantly saves overall installation expenses & upgrade energy conservation effects. Meanwhile, the extra-long lamp service life, reliable IP protection grade & remote management, intelligent patrol system to ensure maintenance free for at least 5 years.

  • Improve driving experiences & ...

    The uniform LED white light provide clear visual field, making drivers driving in long tunnels more sensitive, more comfortable & relieved; meanwhile, it combines overall monitoring to guarantee safe passage.

  • Other cases

  • Jin-Mu Village Highway

  • Tao-Ba Highway Tunnel

  • Longshan Tunnel

  • Tunnel light in Brazil

  • Hu-YU highway

  • Red Valley Tunnel

  • Relevant products

    With services to improve project results, achieve your expectations!

    Energy-saving crystal and lighting CLES professional services, so that our lighting system faster, more intelligent, so that we have more energy into business operations.

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