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Group Profile

China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group is the only industrial group in the central enterprise with energy conservation and environmental protection as the main industry. At present, it has 518 subsidiaries, including 27 secondary subsidiaries and 6 listed companies. Its business is distributed in more than 30 provinces and cities in China and more than 60 countries and regions abroad, with nearly 50,000 employees. After the development in recent years, China's energy conservation has completed the transformation from a national policy investment company to a specialized industrial group, building a "4 1" business pattern with energy conservation, environmental protection, health and clean energy as the main sectors and comprehensive energy conservation and environmental protection services as the strong support, and developing into the strongest strength in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection in China. The largest industrial groups and flagship enterprises recognized by the industry have strong appeal, driving force and influence in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection. At present, China's energy-saving industry, building energy-saving, solid waste treatment, flue gas treatment and heavy metal treatment, soil remediation, water treatment, photovoltaic power generation, energy-saving and environmental protection of new materials and other fields of scale and strength are leading.


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