State-owned enterprise of China

In the progress of transformation of energy conservation and smart lighting in the world, professional lighting service department becomes an important partner and key factor for serving users rather than only as a supporting department of lighting enterprises High quality lighting starts from professional service. Comply with the tendency of transformation, the service team of CECEP Lattice Lighting, has transformed from lab R&D to application level. Meanwhile, by means of automatic, intelligent and predictive technical, we have reduced operation and maintenance cost significantly and expanded the business successfully. As an integrated solution provider,we have professional service team, mature operation and maintenance process, strong global service supporting platform and tools. which enable us to provide end-to-end, one-stop customer support and performance promotion service to guarantee safety, stability, reliability and life cycle service of lighting application, efficiently support the achievement of energy conservation value and commercial value, so as to satisfy current and future demands of users.

User value

  • Fast and efficient

  • Low risk on compliance

  • Excellent operation

  • Energy conservation retrofit service

    CECEP Lattice Lighting energy conservation retrofit service: sign energy conservation service contract with users willing for energy conservation retrofit based on the operation of Energy Management Contracting mechanism to provide featured services such as energy conservation diagnosis, financing, energy conservation project design, raw material and equipment procurement, construction, debugging, monitoring, training, operation management and so on, fulfill rolling development by energy conservation benefit produced after implementation of energy conservation projects. Main involved industries cover almost all industries, businesses, organs and other public organizations.

  • Energy conservation lighting operation & maintenance service

    CECEP Lattice Lighting Co., Ltd. is an enterprise controlled by CECEP Group which is a leading integrated operator on professional energy conservation lighting in China. Today, with energy conservation and emission reduction being more and more important, energy conservation lighting is no more a simple Led, neither a simple integration, but a systematic thinking, the perfect synchronization of whole process energy conservation planning and configuration optimization. Lattice Lighting has been measuring progress with energy conservation benefit and explaining success with energy conservation data. We take integrated operation of energy conservation lighting as our own responsibilities to provide customers with service for whole energy conservation lighting value chain, including from project planning, system investigation, program design to installation debugging and life time service. All we have done for customers are only to maximize value of energy conservation lighting. 

  • Intelligent lighting service

    Take smart street light as the carrier, establish a uniform Web management platform to show operation status, remote control, alarm information, intelligent maintenance and other functions of all smart street light equipment integrally. Meanwhile, it possesses strong ability for third party accessing to connect different subsystems and forge true intelligent lighting integrated management platform. Where three parts are included; Light control system, energy consumption monitoring system and property management system. 

  • Lab test

    The CECEP Lattice Lighting lab enjoys a good reputation in the industrial circle. It possesses the most advanced and perfect lab test equipment and first class technical R&D staff Our lab includes photoelectric lab, environmental test room, dustproof test room, salt spray test room, material test room, lamp life test room, temperature test room, vibration test room, safety test room, water resistant test room and light source life test room. 

  • Engineering service

    CECEP Lattice Lighting provides integrated service for design, construction and maintenance of lighting projects to fulfill seamless connection of the whole process, effectively reduce friction among intermediate links, eliminate obstacles for communication, so as to ensure the implementation of design concept. Lattice Lighting not only possesses elite design team with rich experiences and creative vigor, but also has built a high quality, efficient and professional engineering construction and technical service guarantee team. Projects undertaken by Lattice Lighting distribute all over the world, including the famous landscape brightening project “one river two banks” in Nanchang which broke the Guinness World Record on the quantity of buildings participating in stationary light & sound show, the maximum EMC lighting project in Chinese highway system - Shanghai-Chongqing highway, the tunnel energy conservation lighting retrofit project in west of Hubei