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Energy Management Contract is also called EMC. It is an energy service mechanism that the using units pay the investment & reasonable profit to the energy service companies. The energy saving incomes is used to cover the investment.

  • >75 %

    Energy conservation performance above 75%

  • >40 %

    Entire construction period shortened by 40%

  • >20 %

    Reducing 20% of costs

  • Energy conservation retrofit service

    CECEP Lattice Lighting energy conservation retrofit service: sign energy conservation service contract with users willing for energy conservation retrofit based on the operation of Energy Management Contracting mechanism to provide featured services such as energy conservation diagnosis, financing, energy conservation project design, raw ...

  • Intelligent lighting service

    Take smart street light as the carrier, establish a uniform Web management platform to show operation status, remote control, alarm information, intelligent maintenance & other functions of all smart street light equipment integrally. Meanwhile, it possesses strong ability for third party accessing to connect different subsystems & forge true ...

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