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    CECEP 万博体育appios_万博manbetx官网体育_新万博手机版 is a high-tech company focused on LED energy saving lighting application and offering smart lighting solution. CECEP Group is our biggest shareholder which owned by Central Government of China. We have top professional research team and National laboratory. We have several first innovative technologies in this industry, with more than 100 patents. We won the first prize of National technology invention, with participating the research“GaN-on-Silicon LED technology”.

    CECEP Lattice lighting have overall advantages in LED lighting products, smart lighting solutions and energy saving modes.  We are the leading integrated operator for energy saving lighting and subcontractor for smart city. We won the top 10 in the street lighting area, top 3 in tunnel lighting area. We successfully run the biggest EMC projects for highway system—Shanghai to Chongqing highway.

    Until now, the products and solutions from CECEP 万博体育appios_万博manbetx官网体育_新万博手机版 has been successfully applied in more than 20 countries and areas, the retrofit projects we have done for road lighting is over 5000km, with tunnels more than 90. 

    Know CECEP Lattice Lighting by data

  • Total length of LED energy conservation transformed roads of 5700km

  • Total length of LED energy conservation transformed single tunnels of 2200km

  • First application of LED street light on two-way ten-lane in the world

  • Western Hubei high-speed tunnel EMC lighting renovation work with the biggest proportion in China with 42 tunnels put into operation

  • Honored the top 10 excellent project contractor

  • First prize of State Technological Invention Award

  • In Jan. 2016, awarded the top 10 company for LED street light in China & top 10 for LED lighting energy conservation service

  • In 2016, the smart lighting project in North Aixihu Road was awarded the “best 100 semi-conductive lighting projects in the world”

  • The first company bringing forward modularized technological route in China

  • The first company in lighting field in China adopting PPP mode & served the urban lighting renovation project in Chongzhou of Sichuan & Chaling of Hunan successfully

  • The first company with batch delivery of LED street light products breaking through 130lm/w in China

  • Have applied for about 100 patents of invention, utility model & so on, wherein there are 9 patents for invention

  • History

    Foundation of the Company

    The first generation of modularized LED street light successfully lit the first road at East gate of Jiangxi - Ziyang Avenue;


    First application of LED street light on two-way ten-lane in the world - Bayi Avenue in Nanchang, acquiring significant success; 

    Was listed in the national “demonstrating engineering projects on application of semi-conductive lighting products”; 

    Started to undertake pilot works for “lighting for each village” project of the MOHURD, lighting rural regions in Xinjiang, Yushu of Qinghai & so on; 


    Approved as “national silicon based semiconductor lighting engineering technology research center”;

    Undertook Integration technology of LED chip packaging application on Silicon substrate project - the sub-project of “12th five” major project in state 863 Program;

    Approved to undertake a special project within the central budget of the National Development and Reform Commission, “the project of industrialization of big power LED street light lighting”;

    Approved to undertake the construction of National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center of solid state light source

    Ranked 7 for competitiveness among street lights in 2011.


    Excellent implementation unit for provincial project of industrialization of high-new technology outcomes in “six-one” project on scientific and technological innovation; 

    CECEP acquired the control on Lattice; 

    LED road/tunnel lighting products passed CQC National Energy Conservation Certification with high standard; the first batch of products passing 10000H energy conservation test in China; 

    2012 High quality supplier for city lighting products and equipment in Guangdong Province.


    Approved to set up post-doctoral scientific research station;

    Creatively combined “silicon based big power LED chip” technology with street light perfectly and brought forward LED street light with high light efficiency;

    LED road lighting products passed CQC16000H test with high standard; light flux was 5701lm & luminous maintenance rate was 88.7%;


    Won the lighting lamp procurement project for Nanchang metro line 1; 

    The first EMC renovated tunnel project of the Company - Hangzhou - Huizhou high-speed Pingfengshan Tunnel passed the acceptance inspection and was put into operation with high standard; 

    Cowboy street light was awarded the second prize for lighting art design in China; 

    Tens of products passed the evaluation of LED green lighting product benchmarking system in Guangdong; 


    863 major special project of the Company passed acceptance check successfully;

    The Company participated and completed the project of “silicon substrate high lighting effect GaN based blue light-emitting diode”, which was awarded the first prize of State Technological Invention Award

    Outcome of mode transformation was carried out; won Chaling, Chongzhou PPP projects;

    The construction for project of “industrialization of integrated extra-large power standardized module of new generation of LED chip packaging application” commenced;

    Successfully acquired the first BOT project from Indian government to supply about 40,000 LED street lights;


    Won the EMC project with maximum proportion in the industry - Western Hubei high-speed Tunnel Renovation Project which consumed up to 50,000 lights; 

    TE series tunnel light won the golden prize for “LED initiation award in China”; 

    The smart lighting work on North Aixihu Road was awarded the “best 100 semi-conductive lighting works in the world”; 

    The newly built 9# production plant was completed, accepted and launched for operation, significantly improving productivity and benefit; 


    Won the first overseas EMC project - LED lighting retrofit project in Bangladesh;

    Honored “advanced enterprise for scientific and technological innovation”; affirmed “Famous trademark in Jiangxi Province” and “Famous brand product in Jiangxi”;

    Signed strategic cooperation agreement with CELEROS Importing and Exporting Jiangxi Branch by the witness of the Provincial Secretary Lu Xinshe and Governor of Punjab in Pakistan Sheriff;

    Won Fuzhou EMC project, lighting Fuzhou with about 100,000 LED lamps;

    The Company was honored “2017 Influence Brand (in the industry)”; the general manager Chen Xin was honored “2017 Influence Person (in the industry);

    Lattice lab passed CNAS certification;

    silicon substrate TE series tunnel light won the first prize for scientific and technological innovation of China Lighting Award;

    Won the single street light upgrading and transforming project of the Company with the biggest scale up to now - Fengxian project;

    Light efficiency of new style Cowboy LED street light broke through 197.8lm/w, belonging to a maximum level in the world currently.


    In January, it was identified as a specialized new small and medium-sized enterprise in Jiangxi Province in 2017;

    In April, it won the special prize of the 2018 Science and Technology Innovation Award of the Group;


    Enterprise honor

  • 2013 Demonstration unit in Jiangxi for scientific and technological innovation on energy conservation and emission reduction

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  • The smart lighting project in North Aixihu Road of Nanchang - the best 100 demonstrative projects in the world;

  • First innovative enterprise award

  • Silicon substrate LED application technology was awarded Golden Award for LED Initiation in China and award for Initiation Enterprise

  • 2015 Advanced enterprise in national high-new technological industry development zone of Nanchang

  • 2015 Top 10 company for LED lighting energy conservation service

  • High-new technical enterprise

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  • AAA level credit enterprise of 2016

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  • Key unit for 863 Program

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  • Cowboy series LED street lights won thesecond prize of the first China Lighting Product Plastic Art Design Competition

  • Cowboy series LED street lights won the20th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition-Aladdin God Light AwardOutstanding Product Award

  • Silicon substrate LED street light won
    ChinaScience and Technology Innovation Second Prize

  • Cowboy series LED street light won
    2015 LED Product Recommendation Award

  • Central enterprise responsibilities

    CECEP Lattice Lighting assisted Chaling in Hunan

    To handle with whole city smart lighting retrofit

    It’s the first lighting retrofit project adopting PPP mode in China

    Which caused a significant stir

    Know the case
    Know PPP mode

    Our businesses

    As a leading enterprise in energy conservation lighting industry in China, CECEP Lattice Lighting supports global energy conservation business with its perspective thought, innovative technologies, profound business understanding, sincere and reliable service, and have brought out leading strategy positioning for the industry such as “integrated operation for energy conservation lighting” and “smart city subcontracting”, assisting global users to fulfill improvement of lighting environment and upgrading of energy conservation.

    Up to now, CECEP Lattice Lighting has fully grasped the tendency of science of “IOT, interconnecting, intelligentizing ” to extensively share the vision of “intelligent lighting” and “Smart City” with all circles. Innovative solutions of CECEP Lattice Lighting have made innumerable great achievements in various urban fields including road lighting, tunnel lighting, square lighting, rail traffic lighting, port lighting, landscape lighting and so on.

  • Road lighting

    Urban road lighting planning and construction is the core business of CECEP Lattice Lighting which is in a leading position in the industry. We strive to provide ...

  • Tunnel lighting

    No concession is allowed for quality of tunnel lighting; it shall comply with various standards and safety coefficient. CECEP Lattice Lighting possesses world level ...

  • Rail traffic lighting

    As one of the most important rail traffic lighting partners in China, Lattice Lighting, with its innovative products and professionalism, comprehensive service, ensu...

  • Port lighting

    Combined with the port production system and operation characteristics, according to the operation instructions, automatic adjustment, balanced regulation, regional ...

  • Intelligent lighting

    Let the lighting system become a part of the city's digital ecology, to achieve single lamp control, interconnection of all lights, to create a highly shared, ...

  • Landscape lighting

    Through the planning and design of the city's overall night scenery, cultural tourist attractions and municipal gardens, we can reasonably solve the problem of ...

  • More businesses

    Our innovation

    “Digitization make people connected. But what digital intelligence which is also called things interconnecting science can do, is far beyond this.In the following decade, what we need to consider is how to combine digital intelligence to achieve cognitive energy conservation lighting. This is the beginning of a new time.”

  • LED Luminescence technology

    Lattice lighting is the world’s leading company for semiconductor disruptive technology, but also in 2017 by the National Testing Center announced that crystal & denim street lamps are currently the highest luminous efficiency lamps in China.

  • Module technology

    Domestic first advocate & promote the standardized modularization of street lamps, mature technology, flexible design, easy to cope with the upgrading of street lamps & significantly reduce investment. The module follows the pattern, the variety is infinite.

  • Light distribution technology

    A number of state-level invention patents, so that more focused on illumination to the road, the whole lamp luminous rate can reach 93.6% & illumination uniformity, brightness uniformity to achieve the highest; at the same time, to obtain higher energy-saving benefits.

  • Smart light pole

    The advent of CECEP Lattice lighting Intelligent Lamp-post symbolizes the upgrade from hardware intensive to data intensive with light as the carrier. It also symbolizes the integration of more resources & the intelligent convergence & interconnection of applied data.

  • Plug-in technology

    China has initiated the standardization of single lamp control module interface, external controller & plug-in type installation. Smart & lightweight, easy to upgrade; easy to deploy, Yi Yunwei, easy to expand, easy to replace!

  • Mode innovation

    The smooth operation of Chongzhou PPP, Chaling PPP in Hunan, EMC in Western Hubei & other large-scale urban lighting renovation projects demonstrates the super-strong ability of central enterprises & mode innovation, resource allocation & co-operation.

  • Sustainable development

    Sustainable development is the foundation of the value system of CECEP lattice Lighting.

    For us, sustainable development is to fulfill joint progress among economy, environment and society. being an employer, project undertaker, investor or provider for innovative technologies and solutions, as an integrated technical enterprise, we are striving to grasp the unprecedented opportunity currently to drive the sustainable development both for our customers and ourselves.

  • Energy conservation award

  • Contract signing with CECEP Group

  • Demonstration project in North Aixihu Road